DISCLAIMER: If you are a fan of the Silent Hill series you may wish to brace yourself before continuing, as the following news may leave you reeling in horror – unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons.

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Konami unveiled a new Silent Hill title at it’s Gamer Day press event in San Francisco. There were very little details available, other than it was being developed by Czech developers, Vatra Games. Well, today comes the revelation that the latest instalment of the psychological horror series may very well be a first-person shooter.

The speculation started when PDF file was found online which detailed Vatra’s development plans. The file reveals that the team are currently working on a “major franchise for Xbox 360, Ps3 & PC with top tier publisher” which does corroborate with what we’ve heard about the as-of-yet unnamed sequel. The document also lists that the game will be hitting store shelves in the first quarter of 2011.

silent hill fps vatra

Initially, my gut reaction was that a FPS iteration of a Silent Hill title would be a terrible move, but once I’d thought about it for a while, I started to come around to the idea. If Vatra aimed for a slow-paced shooter, perhaps borrowing elements from F.E.A.R and the Wii exclusive Ju-On: The Grudge game, I think it could be a refreshing take on a now somewhat run-down franchise.

If you aren’t now having an anxiety attack – how would you feel about experiencing the town of Silent Hill from a first person perspective? Or would you rather Pyramid Head take a quick trip over to the Czech Republic? – If you catch my drift.

You can expect to hear more on this new Silent Hill title at E3 in June.

Source: FPSTime