Creative Assembly 3D artist James Brady recreates the Midwich Elementary School from the first Silent Hill game using Unreal Engine 4 to stunning results.

While the Silent Hill franchise may be dormant for now, that doesn’t mean fans of the series have forgotten about it. One fan, video game designer James Brady, has even taken it upon himself to pay tribute to the franchise’s origins, recreating the Midwich Elementary School from the first Silent Hill game by utilizing the power of Unreal Engine 4.

Brady’s recreation of Midwich Elementary is impressive, and those that want to explore it for themselves can do so by downloading it here. Those that would rather just take a peak at what the grotesque world of Silent Hill would look like if it was powered by Unreal Engine 4 can scroll down a bit and check out a short video that highlights Brady’s work on the map.

As it turns out, fans of horror gaming may already be familiar with Brady’s work. Currently, he works as a 3D artist with Creative Assembly, and actually helped develop the divisive horror game Alien: Isolation. Between Brady’s work on Alien: Isolation and his impressive Silent Hill Unreal Engine 4 homage, it seems like he would be more than capable of producing a visually appealing current-gen Silent Hill game if Konami gave him the chance.

Unfortunately, as it stands, it doesn’t appear as though anyone will be given the chance to work on a new Silent Hill game any time soon. Ever since Konami cancelled Silent Hills and unceremoniously removed P.T. from the PlayStation Store, the franchise has been ignored. While Brady’s work may make fans excited at the prospect of a new Silent Hill game that utilizes the power of the current-gen consoles, no one should be holding their breath waiting for such a game to actually materialize.

Though that is part of the benefit of Unreal Engine 4 being free to everyone:  Fans use it to work on dream projects that will probably never be made by actual studios. For example, Ocarina of Time has been getting an Unreal Engine facelift, and it’s doubtful that Nintendo has any plans to remake it again in an official capacity. We’ve also seen Metal Gear Solid remade with Unreal Engine, as well as Pokemon, Super Mario, and many other games.

In the meantime, maybe admiring James Brady’s work on recreating Silent Hill with Unreal Engine 4 can tide some fans as over as they wait for a new game in the series from Konami – if such a game ever even comes to pass.

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Source: James Brady