At their E3 press conference, Electronic Arts announced a new rewards module based around first-person shooters called Gun Club.

As a member of Gun Club you will have the opportunity to receive perks and bonuses that those who don’t sign up can’t get, such as in-game content and exclusive news. ¬†Games that will be eligible out of the gate include Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield Heroes and Dead Space 2. More titles will be part of the program as it rolls out.

The first perk to the Gun Club program, as long as you are a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 VIP, is the opportunity to get into the Medal of Honor beta this Friday, a few days before anyone else can jump in. Additionally, you will get the M24 Sniper Rifle to use in Medal of Honor.

To join the Gun Club, you just have to sign up. You can register at EA’s site here right now if you have a current EA ID.

I think this has potential to be a really cool program that can open the doors for other developers to launch similar rewards services. We all have our opinions about gamerscores and trophies, but there’s really no value to them. Adding unlockables and in-game content makes your hours of gameplay start to pay off, only increasing the play value for the games involved in the service.

What do you think about EA’s Gun Club?

Source: VG247