Shroud Believes Streamers Won't Leave Twitch Despite #TWITCHISOVERPARTY Campaign


Over the weekend, Twitch was once again under scrutiny after Mixer streamer Ninja called out the platform for using his defunct channel as an advertisement tool for other steamers. Ninja's public condemnation of Twitch led to the campaign #TWITCHISOVERPARTY that is currently trending on Twitter.

Many of those using the hashtag are claiming that Twitch's actions regarding Ninja's former channel, and its handling of the controversy surrounding streamer Alinity, must be punished. Some are even campaigning for Twitch patrons to switch over to the platform's competitor websites such as Mixer instead. However, Shroud revealed that the movement will eventually lead to nothing, explaining why users and streamers won't be abandoning Twitch anytime soon.

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In a live-stream broadcast on Twitch, the former CS: GO pro was asked if he is "riding the Twitch over party." Shroud promptly replied that he won't be joining the movement, which he thinks is ridiculous, saying that "While I do think Twitch kind of has to get their sh*t together, it's not something to create this weird movement over."

Shroud explained that streamers won't just abandon their Twitch channels unless other platforms would offer them better payouts than the one they're already making on Twitch. He went on to say that dropping everything one has already built on the platform is too much of a risk that is probably not worth it in the end.

Shroud's sentiments are shared by Dr.Disrespect to some extent. Days after news broke out about Ninja's departure from Twitch, Dr. Disrespect made it clear that the only reason Mixer can persuade him to transfer is if the company offers him a better deal equal to that of Ninja's or higher. As of the moment, the details of Ninja's contract with Mixer is being kept under wraps, but streamer Forsen estimates it to fall somewhere between $6-8 million.

Of course, Ninja's departure from Twitch is a significant loss for the platform given the streamer's massive following. Luckily for Twitch, the platform still houses many of the world's biggest streamers and it appears that none of them are following Ninja's footsteps anytime soon. For several years now, Twitch was able to reign supreme in the streaming game, but now that it faces strong competition with Mixer, it is interesting to see what Twitch will do to retain its strong roster of content creators.

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