Developer Yacht Club Games reveals that future Nintendo crossovers could happen, with the studio wanting to add Legend of Zelda weirdo Tingle to the indie game

With its 8-bit graphics and emphasis on hard-as-nails platforming, Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight seemed like a lost gem from the NES. It was its old school approach to gaming that made the indie title perfect for Nintendo’s 3DS and Wii U, which the title debuted on in June of 2014. The game would eventually see release on other consoles, but Yacht Club Games managed to build a strong working relationship with the Big N, eventually resulting in the company offering to bring the shovel-wielding knight into the incredibly lucrative amiibo fold.

The highly sought after collectible toys/game enhancers had thus far been dominated by Nintendo characters, making Shovel Knight the first third-party franchise to be bestowed the amiibo honor. While the character’s figure is still forthcoming, Yacht Club Games is excited for the possibility of further cross-promotion with Nintendo, expressing interest in even bringing a certain creepy Legend of Zelda character into the Shovel Knight universe.

Speaking with Gaming Boulevard, Yacht Club Games president David D’Angelo was grilled on what it was like working with Nintendo, describing the team-up as “a ton of fun,” stating:

“Nintendo worked with us every stop of the way from approving the amiibo content in game and making sure the toy matched their quality standards.”

While D’Angelo dodged a question regarding Shovel Knight joining the recently unveiled Cloud Strife and company in Super Smash Bros., opting to simply state that Shovel Knight’s inclusion in the series would be a “huge honor,” he got a little more specific when it came to potential future Nintendo team-ups. While D’Angelo stated that the company does not currently have any Nintendo-specific DLC planned, he did state:

“But we’d always love to do something with Tingle. He’s the best!”

Shovel Knight Amiibo

While this certainly isn’t a confirmation on the forest-dwelling weirdo’s inclusion in the game, Shovel Knight has previously featured crossovers with Sony’s Kratos and Xbox’s Battletoads, so the inclusion isn’t impossible. There was even a spin-off DLC adventure that featured one of Shovel Knight’s main adversaries, Plague Knight, so the potential for more expansions is certainly there.

With Yacht Club Games still hard at work on preparing the new features that Shovel Knight’s amiibo will bring with it, fans will continue to hope that Zelda’s weirdest residence might one day take up arms (or shovels) with the Knight.

Source: GamingBoulevard