Shovel Knight Joins The Ruckus In 'Road Redemption'

Character crossovers aren't uncommon on the indie game scene, with titles like Super Meat Boy and Bit.Trip Runner offering up a host of protagonists from different developers to play as. Now, Road Redemption joins those ranks — but the guest character in this case is a little bit of an anachronism.

Shovel Knight was one of the most successful independent games of 2014, being released to high praise off the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign back in June, and even picking up 'Best Independent Game' at The Game Awards earlier this month. Now, Road Redemption developer Dark Seas Games is hoping to piggyback off that prosperity by making the blue-suited Knight playable in their game.

While speeding down highways on a motorcycle is a far cry from the Mega Man inspired 2D action platforming of Shovel Knight, its protagonist's suit of armor and trusty shovel will certainly come in handy. Road Redemption is a spiritual sequel to Road Rash, and as such, it's as much about combat with other riders as it is about racing.

Colliding with other bikers, striking them with weapons and steering them into the course of other vehicles is all fair game in Road Redemption. Set in an apocalyptic version of the United States, players set out with a gang to find their leader who travels across the country in an attempt to assassinate the brutal dictator who has assumed control.

Shovel Knight in Road Redemption

Along the way, you'll earn money to upgrade your skills and equipment by fighting other gangs and corrupt authorities from the back of your hog. Shovel Knight proves to be particularly potent, even so far outside his own time period — the same weighty shovel that saw him through his own adventure is a perfect tool for knocking enemies from their bikes.

Given that nearly 15,000 backers pledged more than $300,000 to get Shovel Knight made, it's safe to say that the character has a fanbase. Dark Seas Games will be hoping that his popularity transfers over to their game — and with the Steam Winter Sale now in full swing, it's a perfect time to add this sort of appealing new content.

Road Redemption is available now for PC as a Steam Early Access title. The Shovel Knight character and his custom chopper bike are available in-game free of charge.

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