When the retro-inspired Shovel Knight launched back in 2014, developer Yacht Club Games had a number of goals lined up for their post-launch release plans. While the crowd-funded 2D side-scroller has since seen the release of two additional campaigns, multiplayer, which was a part of the original kick-starter plan, had yet to see any news from the development side. Today, Yacht Club has finally announced their new local multiplayer mode, set to release next year.

The new competitive multiplayer mode, Shovel Knight Showdown, was revealed today. The announcement offers a ton of new details for the upcoming add-on, as well as a ten-minute gameplay video showing off a four-player free-for-all match of Gem Clash. While the new battle mode brings a new approach to gameplay in Shovel Knightthe throwback art design and animations have stayed true to the original game’s roots.

While the upcoming Shovel Knight Showdown will focus heavily on multiplayer, a single player mode will also be included in the update. In the single-player mode, the mini-games and challenges will be unique to each of the 16 characters available. As far as the competitive modes are concerned, players can participate in local one-on-one duels, four-player free-for-alls, or even team up to battle cooperatively against AI. Modes featured in the reveal included Gem Clash and Showdown,

The new expansion will cost $9.99 or will come as a free update for players who already own the Treasure Trove version of the game. Unfortunately for those playing Shovel Knight on either the Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita, the new content will not be making its way to those systems. The update will be coming to PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, WiiU, and Nintendo Switch.

shovel knight gameplay

Yacht Club has done well on their promise to continue supporting their 8-bit side-scroller, having already released two separate campaigns in order to meet their stretch goals. While there were a few hurdles in the lead up to launch, things are looking much brighter for the Valencia, California developer.

With Plague of Shadows and Spector of Torment available now for players, a third and final campaign, King Knight, is still expected to launch sometime next year in addition to the new multiplayer mode.

Shovel Knight Showdown will launch in 2019.

Source: IGN