Shovel Knight won gamers over last summer with its 2D side-scrolling action and nostalgic charm with a very successful launch on 3DS, PC, and Wii U. The game made its way to Linux and OSX by the fall, but almost a full year after its initial launch, it is making the jump to the remaining platforms as well.

Shovel Knight recently launched on PS3, PS4, and Vita on April 21. Knowing that many gamers have already experienced the jewel-collecting 8-bit adventure game, the team needed to throw in a little something extra to motivate Sony gamers to revisit the year-old title. In addition to offering the software as a steal on the PlayStation Network for owners of more than one Sony platform, the developers also added in an exclusive optional boss that will be very recognizable to Sony fans.

Kratos steps out of the God of War games to make a brief appearance as an unlockable, optional boss in the PlayStation versions of Shovel Knight. To take down the iconic Sony character and pick up his special rewards, players will need to first find and unlock the fight.

Shovel Knight Kratos

Players will need to do some work to convince Kratos that the Shovel Knight is a worthy opponent. To unlock the fight, gamers need to first obtain the secret omega scroll – heading over to the Hall of Champions to begin the quest.

Players who haven’t already paid the fee to enter this area, will need to shell out the gold now. Once inside, anxious fans need to climb up the ladder and head to the far right. There’s a wall at the end of the hallway that can be destroyed with a blow from the shovel. The next room also contains a secret exit hidden by stone in the far right corner, but this one requires a downward strike to break through.

This secret path leads players straight to the omega scroll. Here’s where things can get a little tricky. Players need to exit this room the same way that they came in. Exiting directly to the map will lose any progress and players will not have the scroll in their inventory.

After exiting the Hall of Champions, players are ready to head into battle with the God of War. A cloaked man will appear on the world map, and talking to this mysterious figure will transport players to the Kratos fight. After a brief chat with the god of war himself, the fight will begin.

The Kratos fight has three phases and is actually a fairly challenging encounter. He has a lot of ranged attacks and players will want to stay on top of him with frequent downward strikes. To get an edge in the battle, Shovel Knight may want to use the phase locket to get close to Kratos and start landing the downward attacks. Kratos is capable of dealing a serious amount of damage when he lands a hit though, so don’t be afraid to retreat as often as necessary.

During the last phase of the battle, users will need to demonstrate some finesse. The final blows need to be delivered while jumping between a series of falling pillar pieces. Kratos isn’t as aggressive during this phase, so players just need to focus on landing blows quickly, before they are inevitably taken out by one of the falling pillars.

If players survive the third phase of the fight, Kratos hands over the gravedigger shovel. At first the item is useless, but after a trip to the blacksmith, it will become a little more valuable. Players should take the shovel to the armor outpost and speak with the Armorer, who will turn the shovel into the Armor of Chaos. The special armor allows the shovel knight to trade in the currently unlocked skills in favor of a Kratos-style combo. The upgrade has its pros and cons, but is definitely flavorful.

Were you able to take down Kratos and unlock the Armor of Chaos? Let us know in the comments.

Shovel Knight is currently available for Nintendo 3DS, PC, PS3, PS4, Vita, and Wii U.