New 'Shogun 2: Total War' Gameplay Video is Ready to Conquer

The new addition to Sega's Total War franchise: Shogun 2: Total War is flexing it's guns and strutting it's stuff. It was shown at this year's E3, and it even walked away from the event with a nomination for Best Strategy Game. Not too bad if you ask me.

Now, Sega has released a video showcasing how much effort they're putting into the game - in order to live up to their E3 nomination.

The Shogun 2: Total War graphics engine is significantly more powerful than the original's - not to mention the different strategic effects that have been put into place, like the weather, which can actually affect your troops in different ways.

Boasting over fifty-six thousand troops on-screen at a time, Sega is certainly delivering on the name "Total War." The scale of the battles as well as the requisite strategy, which definitely makes you think, are on display in the most recent Shogun 2 video.

Take a look at the video for yourselves and see Shogun 2 in all it's blood-spattering, horse-trampling glory:


Not too shabby huh? If you have ever seen the first Shogun: Total War in action, then you can't deny the team has put some incredible additions into the latest game - stepping it up for the next-gen world.

Not to mention the fact that, as mentioned in the video, the game is still in the early stages - meaning, we can still expect a glorious, bigger, and better finished game. I'm starting to think that Shogun 2: Total War just might be a must have for the PC strategy game enthusiast!

What are your first impressions of the game? Let us know what your thoughts on Shogun 2 are!

You can look forward to Shogun 2: Total War sometime in 2011 for your PC.

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