The latest big topic in the video game industry is the rumored upcoming announcement of the next Nintendo home console. The oddly codenamed “Project Cafe” is expected to be Nintendo’s move towards the hardcore gamers market, with HD and possible Blu-Ray support, more mainstream titles and all that jazz. None of the stories have been confirmed or commented on from Nintendo. Thankfully, the father of gaming and head of Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, confirms at least one of these rumors.

At a closed doors event in London, England, Miyamoto admitted that the Wii 2 was, in fact, on the way. He explained that they were developing new hardware almost as soon as the original Wii was released, as well as working on the Nintendo 3DS. He did however, keep tight-lipped on just when the official announcement would be.

Despite all the stories pointing towards the system being revealed at E3 this year, Miyamoto didn’t confirm or dispute those stories. All he said was that they would announce it when they would announce it, and asked people to be patient and wait for them to make a decision.

Although this does truly confirm that there will be a new system (we already knew that), this still leaves everyone in the dark in regards to just how the system will turn out. Some mock-ups of it did manage to reach the internet yesterday, but the accuracy of those designs can easily be debated. Even if they are true, they could just as easily be changed before the announcement is made.

There’s also the stories of which developers are producing games for the system. Apparently, a number of third-party studios have had development kits for the system for months, including Ubisoft, EA, and Activision. While Grand Theft Auto V acting as a Wii 2 launch title is probably the most heavily disputed rumor of them all, it wouldn’t be an impossibility.

Finally, there are also all the promises of the Wii 2/Nintendo Stream being designed for the hardcore gamer audience, in opposition to the Wii’s casual focus. It’ll have similar schematics to the PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as a wider variety of games for people to enjoy. You’d be forgiven if you were a bit skeptical, but it wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo did something surprising.

Do you think the Wii 2 will be announced this year at E3? Can it live up to the expectations made? How many of the rumors made about have some merit?

Source: Edge

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