'Shift 2 Unleashed' Drift Challenge Trailer Features Autolog 2.0

Shift 2 Unleashed Drift Challenge Trailer

When Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit first launched, Autolog was an integral feature which developed into one of best social networking systems implemented in a video game. Autolog allowed gamers to share photos and communicate via wall posts. Most importanly, Autolog gave gamers the ability to automatically rub their high scores in the faces of their online rivals. In Shift 2 Unleashed, EA is planning to kick things up a notch with Autolog 2.0.

Autolog in its current form keeps track of the best times posted by a player and their friends on a particular track. Players would be automatically notified of when their time was beaten and had the choice to respond with a message and attempt to reclaim their high score. When it came to stat tracking, gamers could see what car was used to beat their time, and that was about it. This changes with Autolog 2.0.

The new system allows gamers to follow the career progress of their friends and compare profiles. This system could turn the overall career into a race to the end of the game, especially when dealing with very competitive friends. Autolog 2.0 could also be a learning tool, where gamers share tips after experiencing a challenging track.

The trailer below shows what Autolog will be really used for, and that's trash talk. Vaughn Gittin Jr., the 2010 Formula Drift Champion, takes on Matt Powers from Team Need for Speed for a little drift competition.


It would be wise to take some notes from these pros, cause it looks like they gave some quality info on tuning drift cars in Shift 2 Unleashed. Now that we have a small glimpse into Autolog 2.0, does this make you excited for Shift 2 Unleashed when it launches 0n March 29th?

What features would you like to see EA add in future updates to Autolog? Are you currently using the Autolog iPhone app to keep track of your friends scores?

Source: Need for Speed Blog

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