'Shift 2 Unleashed' Exclusive Pagani Huayra Trailer, Screenshots

Shift 2 Unleashed Pagani Exclusive Huayra Screenshots

EA is giving fans of racing games a lot to look forward to this year. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit fans will be getting a healthy set of DLC in the next few weeks and a limited edition was announced for Shift 2 Unleashed, featuring some sweet exclusives. Shift 2 is getting another exclusive in the form of Pagani Huayra and two other cars from the world famous car maker.

On the bright side, gamers who love exotic Italian supercars as much as they love saving money won't have to make a difficult decision, as you will not have to pre-order the limited edition to get access to the Huayra.

Continuing to set themselves apart from Grand Turismo 5 and Forza, EA has gained exclusivity of the Pagani Huayra for Shift 2 Unleashed. The two other (non-exclusive) cars in the Pagani line that will be making an appearance in the game are the Pagani Zonda R and Zonda F.

These are some of the fastest cars in the game, and while many of us will never drive one in reality we can come close with the helmet cam in Shift 2.

EA has released some screenshots of these three super cars including some interior shots of the only recently-revealed Huayra, and the Zonda R. Slightly Mad Studios went the extra mile to create the most detailed car interiors in a racing game, and it shows in these images:

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These shots show how much effort the developer is putting into Shift 2 to set it apart from the competition. Gran Turismo has been the most realistic looking racer for a long time, and judging from these screenshots and the first gameplay trailer, it seems like Shift 2 is quickly closing the gap.

If the images aren't enough, we also have a trailer showing the Pagani Huayra in action below:


Some may have been skeptical as to whether or not Shift 2 could surpass the current sim racing champ Gran Turismo. After watching all the trailers and seeing the content that EA has put out leading to its launch, it's starting to seem like they might just pull it off.

Shift 2 Unleashed launches on March 29th 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Do you think Slightly Mad can really go toe to toe with GT5? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Need for Speed Blog

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