Yu Suzuki, the creator of the Shenmue series, teases that the upcoming Shenmue 3 may make its way onto Microsoft’s Xbox One, despite the deal in place with Sony.

Xbox One owners hoping to see the highly anticipated Shenmue 3 on Microsoft’s home console have been given a lifeline from franchise creator Yu Suzuki. Although Suzuki has plans with Sony, it looks as though there could be a chance that the title will make its way onto the Xbox One. When questioned on the issue in a recent interview, Suzuki urged fans to “use their imagination” on whether any discussions had taken place with Microsoft.

The interview took place with DualShockers, and covered a large number of topics aside from the issue of a potential Xbox One release. However, Shenmue fans who own the Microsoft console will no doubt be most interested in Suzuki’s coy response to the line of questioning. The move would be a shock, given that Sony is currently supporting Shenmue 3 with publishing and production, but that does not necessarily rule out the title appearing on the Xbox One at some point.

Over the course of the Shenmue franchise’s history, games in the series have jumped from console to console. The original title was released exclusively for the Sega Dreamcast, whilst the sequel initially launched for the Dreamcast before making the move to the Xbox in 2002. With Shenmue 3 currently expected to release for PS4 and PC, the series is incrementally making its way through every major platform provider.

Shenmue 3 Xbox One 2

Of course, the move beyond the confines of PS4 and PC may well help Shenmue 3 with a whole new army of potential Kickstarter backers. The game has been a huge success, reaching its modest crowdfunding goal of $2 million in a mere 9 hours. To compensate, Suzuki added additional stretch goals for the title, including the likes of a Rapport System and Skill Tree System.

Current backers may also be relieved to find out that none of the Kickstarter funds raised for Shenmue 3 will not make their way into the coffers of Sony. Instead, the entirety of the crowdfunding monies raised are being put into the game’s development. With this clear divide between Ys Net and Sony’s roles, perhaps there is a way for the title to make its way onto the Xbox One.

It sounds as though every single cent of crowdsourced cash will be needed, however. Suzuki has admitted that the title could do with a bit of extra backing in order to reach a higher level of visual quality. With a long time to go until the game sees release, perhaps Suzuki should hold off on dreams of a Shenmue 4 until the current project is a little more solid.

Shenmue 3 is currently set for a Christmas 2017 release, with the title expected to launch on PS4 and PC.

Source: DualShockers