Shenmue 3 Trial Version Dates And Details Revealed

Shenmue 3 Trial Version Release Details

The road to Shenmue 3 has been a very dramatic one for backers who have been involved in the project since day one. It feels like ages ago that the Shenmue team took the stage at E3 and asked for crowdfunding support to bring the game to life, but the release is finally just around the corner. Before the official launch arrives in November, some lucky backers still need to get their trial version reward.

Shenmue 3 is still on schedule to launch on November 19 for PC and PS4, but an early trial version is coming for some PC players in late September. This trial version will feature a stand alone act and is a reward for certain tiers of Kickstarter and Slacker Backer supporters. The development team acknowledges that the trial announcement is arriving later than planned, but still wants to deliver the reward before the game launches in a few months.

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The trial will contain about one hour of content, but is replayable after the objective has been cleared. Backers who qualify for trial access will have to use the Epic Game Store to access the content, so be sure you have an account if you are one of those people. There is not a firm release date yet, but another announcement  will be made once one is pinned down.

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Trial Version Content

"The trial version will feature a stand-alone act with objective that takes place in the first area of Shenmue III, Bailu Village. The game will be playable for an estimated 1 hours, and will be replayable after the objective has been cleared. There are lots of activities to experience and we hope you go back for more until the trial expires."

How To Play

The trial version will be for PC to be played on the Epic Games Store. An Epic Games account will be needed to play.

When Shenmue 3 finally launches in completion this November, it will be very interesting to see what the finished product is like and how much demand for it there is. Obviously the franchise has a dedicated fanbase, but there are some questions about whether this style of game will still hold appeal with a wider audience.

Be sure to check back closer to the game's launch for more Shenmue 3 strategy guides, news, and updates.

Shenmue 3 releases on November 19th for PC and PlayStation 4.

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