Developer Ys Net takes to Shenmue 3‘s Kickstarter page to update fans on the game’s progress, and releases some brand new screenshots of the forthcoming open world title.

Today, Shenmue 3 creator Yu Suzuki will be giving a presentation on the forthcoming revival of the long-dormant game series at Shibuya Productions’ Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (AKA MAGIC), and during the talk he’s set to reveal some fresh images from the title. Thankfully, in order to include those who are unable to attend the conference, Suzuki’s development studio, Ys Net, decided to release the new screenshots on Shenmue 3‘s Kickstarter page prior to the event.

As found in the gallery below, the stills from the game are filled with vibrant colors, and show off several wonderful-looking pastoral landscapes, with Shenmue 3‘s character Shenhua Ling being featured prominently in all but two. Of course, Ys Net is quick to say that the images depict a work-in-progress, so much like previously released screenshots, the visuals are subject to change.

Obviously, considering the fact that the pictures are static renders of gameplay and are a part of an ongoing project, they don’t shed much light on whether or not Yu Suzuki has attained his goal of ensuring that Shenmue 3 has a consistent frame rate of 30 FPS. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to not admire the lush environments Ys Net has put together thus far.


Although the above images for Shenmue 3 are quite remarkable, Yu Suzuki is intent on making the game look even more “gorgeous visually”, as the director asked for more money on Kickstarter in order to deliver top-notch graphics. Of course, the way a title looks should not be the main priority in the development process, for even if a release looks stunning, its quality of gameplay can make or break a final product. After all, many would argue that Ryse: Son of Rome, for example, looked spectacular, but ultimately ended up playing poorly.

In spite of that, since we don’t know much about Shenmue 3‘s actual gameplay other than Suzuki’s insistence of its AI battling system being more fluid, it’s hard to determine what players should expect. That said, what’s been shown thus far, though, from the teaser trailer to the recent screenshots, ought to at least have fans intrigued. Plus, bearing in mind that the previous games in the series contained solid, yet conceptually adventurous gameplay, Shenmue 3‘s overall offerings will probably go on to please newcomers and long-time fans alike.

What do you think about the latest screenshots for Shenmue 3? Are they enough to satisfy your curiosity for now, or do they leave you craving more information about the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Shenmue 3 is currently without an official release date, but developer Ys Net has previously said it’s shooting for the game’s launch to be sometime in December 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Shenmue 3 – Kickstarter