Shaun White Skateboarding Trailer Grinds Helicopters

Shaun White Skateboarding Trailer Grinds Helicopters

Professional snowboarding athlete Shaun White has a new game coming out next week, but the Olympic gold medalist is trading in fresh powder for a skateboard and urban environments. That's right, the release of Shaun White Skateboarding is almost upon us, and we have the new trailer for the game for you right here.When they announced the title at this past E3, Ubisoft made it a point to let gamers know that they plan on delivering some much needed innovation to the genre. As seen in the trailer below, editing a skating environment is nothing new, but it seems as if Ubisoft's come up with a way to do that on the fly, while your skater is in mid-trick. What's more exciting to me personally however, is the crazy jumps and grinds the game will allow. Helicopters? You bet.


White, or perhaps better known as "The Flying Tomato" to his fans, is the first athlete to win gold medals in both the Olympics and X-Games. Ubisoft is undoubtedly trying to compete with EA's Skate franchise with this release, and say what you will about the genre, but they've clearly got the perfect athlete to associate the game with. Critics had mixed reviews for Shaun White's Snowboarding, so it will be interesting to see how reviewers and gamers will react to Shaun's follow up. Touting an impressive feature list, Ubisoft looks as though they are taking the game very seriously. Well, serious enough for a game that allows you to grind helicopters.

How do you feel about Shaun White Skateboarding? Did you like Snowboarding? What do you think Ubisoft will bring to the table that EA can't? If you're a fan of the genre, what's the one feature you'd like to see the most from the next big skateboarding game? Hit is up in the comments section.

Shaun White Snowboarding hits stores on October 28th, 2010 for Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Source: VG247

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