GR Pick: 'Shaun of the Dead Island' Fan-Made Trailer

Shaun of the Dead Island Trailer

Well ladies and gentlemen, the Dead Island announcement trailer has officially gone from emotionally-stirring zombie short to internet meme. Not that we're complaining, since there have already been a handful of fan-made videos featured on our site, and they only seem to be getting better and better by the day. The next to make it on our list is the recently released 'Shaun of the Dead Island,' combining the stirring score of the original trailer with the memorable zombie action of Edgar Wright's film Shaun of the Dead. At the very least, it's another excuse to see Simon Pegg in one of his best roles to date.

Whether or not the comparisons and remixes are getting ridiculous isn't for us to judge, since the internet will ultimately decide when it's had enough. At this point it seems it's still hungry for more, and even the film's director and star seem to be getting behind this latest video.

Created by Dan Bull, 'Shaun of the Dead Island' may have just opened the door for an entirely new wave of classic zombie movies, re-cut to match the backwards and heart-wrenching action of Deep Silver's announcement trailer.

We can picture it now: Dawn of the Dead's Mekhi Phifer helping his wife through zombie labor, or Zombieland's Jesse Eisenberg running in terror from his zombie-fied crush. Everything seems more heart-wrenching when set to the tragic score of Dead Island's trailer, so the possibilities are limitless.

Maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Take a look for yourself at what will undoubtedly be the first of many live-action zombie remixes, 'Shaun of the Dead Island:'


This latest video seems a bit ironic, considering the number of Hollywood studios fighting to get the movie rights to Dead Island. Perhaps the real question is how long it will take for somebody to recreate this trailer using Minecraft, and we'd bet we'll be seeing it sooner rather than later.

So which movies do you think should get the Dead Island treatment next? 'Evil Dead Island,' 'Day of the Dead Island,' or maybe even 'Dracula Dead and Loving It Island' for the comedy fans?

No matter how many tributes are created, the people behind Dead Island's stunning trailer should be proud that their minutes-long film has already managed to strike more of a chord with gamers than any project in recent memory.

That is, until somebody re-cuts the entire Resident Evil series in slow motion. Running backwards. Using Minecraft.

Your move, internet.

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