Shadow Warrior 2 Deals Up to 27% Off

Update 10/13: Shadow Warrior 2 is now released and the pre-purchase deals have dried up slightly. Have no fear, you can still get the game for up to 20% off.

Thursday marks the big PC release for Shadow Warrior 2, and if you're a fan of the series willing to take a chance to pre-order the game before it goes live, discounts are showing up worth a gander. In fact if you know where to look the Steam copy of Shadow Warrior 2 is up to 27% off.

The best deal is at digital retailer GMG, where a 27% discount slashes the price to $29.25, or almost $11 off the $40 list price. The deal is achieved by taking two steps: 1) Logging in or creating an account at GMG; 2) Adding Shadow Warrior 2 to cart and applying coupon code VIP5 to checkout. It's the best price online.

Shadow Warrior 2 Steam Deals

GMG has the best Standard Edition price but a great alternative, and the best price for Deluxe, is at DLGamer. There you'll find the Standard edition 20% off (lower than GMG's offering) but the Deluxe is 22% off with a drop from $50 to $39.97. Both of these offers are intended to be pre-order incentives and will likely expire the day of or after Shadow Warrior 2 goes live on PC. If you're a console gamer you'll have to wait for early 2017 for its release.

Pre-Order Bonus and Deluxe Details

If you pre-order on Steam, DLGamer, or Good Old Games - you'll receive the Razorback Chainsaw Katana. For Green Man Gaming's deal, it looks like the discount supersedes the pre-order bonus as its simply not mentioned. We've reached out and confirmed with GMG that the Razorback Chainsaw is not included with the Steam key sold at GMG - so take that into consideration if you're picking up a copy before Thursday's release.

For the Digital Deluxe version that's being sold on Steam, DLGamer, and elsewhere, you'll simply enjoy additional Shadow Warrior 2 related content. Production related goodies includes the OST and digital artbook. For content, you'll receive the "Solid Gold Pack" which contains co-op gold ninja skin, gold katana, and gold MP7 - a clear indicator that you're a baller willing to spend big bucks.

Of course, whether or not the Shadow Warrior 2 Digital Deluxe is worth the additional $10 is subjective at best. Our opinion? Pass. Had the Digital Deluxe came with the Season Pass we would probably be singing a different tune, but undoubtedly if that was the case then the Deluxe will most likely be priced much higher as well.

Shadow Warrior 2 releases on Thursday October 13 for the PC on Steam platform. Console versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are expected to arrive in Q1 of 2017.

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