While Sonic the Hedgehog has a way of appearing in games as mods and crossovers, Shadow of the Colossus may be the last place some expected the speedy hedgehog to appear. Nevertheless, a crossover video featuring Shadow the Hedgehog as the main character Wander has surfaced, and it is appropriately titled “Shadow the Hedgehog of the Colossus.” While the main game has “gold coins” in the form of enlightenments, this crossover shows the iconic gold rings and even has the noise associated with them in the Sonic games.

Moreover, the video even shows Shadow collecting the gold rings in a Shadow of the Colossus-style ruin, but the path he’s on has a loop that only a hedgehog could tackle. Of course, the crossover wouldn’t be complete without Shadow facing down some Colossi, and that’s exactly what happens. Apparently, in this crossover world, a Colossus spews gold rings from its chest when it’s defeated, which seems like an interesting connection.

It wouldn’t be a true crossover, however, if Sonic himself wasn’t somehow involved. In this crossover world, he takes the place of Mono, the girl Wander is trying to resurrect. It’s unknown to what cursed fate Sonic would have fallen to, but Shadow, in the place of Wander, seems determined to resurrect him. Check out “Shadow the Hedgehog of the Colossus” below:

Although Shadow of the Colossus launched to near-perfect reviews, it did so with neither hedgehog in the game. If a gamer is on the fence about returning to the game as Wander, then these reviews may very well help. However, as of right now, this crossover is just a concept and there is no way to play Shadow in the game, but crazier things have happened through mods.

While speaking of mods, there is one relatively recent mod that speaks to the nightmare of Sonic mods. In Hello Neighbor, there is a mod that turns the neighbor into Sonic, and it is pure nightmare fuel. Perhaps it is due to this mod that Sonic meets his cursed fate in “Shadow the Hedgehog of the Colossus,” but that seems unlikely; after all, there’s nothing wrong with a good crossover/mod.

The Shadow of the Colossus remake is now available exclusively on the PS4.