'Shadow of Mordor: The Bright Lord' DLC Offers a Showdown with Sauron

Shadow of Mordor Sauron


With six films, an encyclopedia of books, and a handful of games under its belt, the Lord of the Rings franchise has plenty of lore to pull from when someone is looking to revisit the material. Last year's Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor ended up being one of the best games inspired by the Tolkien world and characters (and one of our top 10 games of 2014), by putting a focus on engaging, unique mechanics and telling a fresh story that casual fans were unfamiliar with. Most console and PC gamers probably wrapped up the main campaign months ago (check out our review), but in the age of DLC, the adventure is never really over.

The latest, and supposedly final, piece of DLC for Shadow of Mordor was unlocked this week for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 users. The Bright Lord DLC adventure puts players in control of Celebrimbor, who veterans of the main game know as the ghost haunting (and helping) the original campaign's protagonist. The Bright Lord expansion finds Celebrimbor a lot more alive than we are used to seeing him. Check out the trailer above to see what we mean.

Players will control Celebrimbor, and the One Ring, in an adventure that fills in many of the holes in the characters backstory. While working through the Nemesis system and defeating elite warchiefs, players will get a better idea of just why the ghost is so grumpy in the original campaign. The hero also has the power to slow down time with the help of the ring. That's not exactly how it worked in the books, but we can overlook that. Best of all, the series of battles lead up to an ultimate showdown with the franchise's most recognizable villain: Sauron.

Shadow of Mordor Sauron

In addition to the new souped up Elite Nemesis content (which offers players a chance to kill bigger and badder warchiefs) and the battle with Sauron, the DLC pack also throws in a new Celebrimbor skin for the main campaign and a new challenge mode. The challenge mode will give players a chance to earn Level-30 Runes, by playing as Celebrimbor and defeating high-level bad guys. From what we've seen, these challenges really up the difficulty and should provide a serious obstacle even for the most experienced players.

Interested parties can pick up The Bright Lord DLC by itself or as part of the $25 DLC pack that includes the other expansions, as well. The story does build on some of the events that took place in the previously released Guardians of the Flaming Eye and Lord of the Hunt packs. Much like those add-ons, The Bright Lord also has players working on a pared down version of the original game map.

Do you plan to pick up The Bright Lord DLC and finish off the game's spin-off story? Let us know in the comments.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is currently available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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