Six bucks gets youMiddle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor along with all DLC this week in Bundle Stars’ 2016 Summer Sale. The sale began last week Monday but this week new offers have been released making last week’s look like a pittance.

Just last week, Bundle Stars priced Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor with 18 DLC for $9.99. That’s a good price considering the base game alone is still a $30 purchase on Steam right now, but today Bundle Stars repriced the bundle to only $5.99 – an all time new low for the Steam key of the game.

In total there are 461 titles to choose from in this Summer Sale. For an in-depth look at the prices of each of these four head titles you can go here, or we’ve picked out some favorites below. The top deals and notable titles are either at their best priced games or newly released discounts for this week.

Note: Everything listed below is a Steam key.

Update: Unfortunately the Shadow of Mordor bundle for $6 is now out of stock. 🙁

Top Deals

More Notable Titles

These deals are all fairly hot but will not be around for too much longer. On August 22nd all bets are off and prices will revert to full for everything listed above. This represents one of the last PC gaming Summer Sales of the 2016 season.