Widely praised Metroidvania title Shadow Complex is apparently headed to the PC, according to a new listing on the PEGI website — and it seems it might be very close to release.

New titles and re-releases alike have to go through age rating procedures to secure widespread availability — and, more often than not, that’s the way that we hear about classic titles being brought to new platforms. Now, it seems that the underrated Shadow Complex is destined for this treatment.

First released in 2009 as a downloadable title for the Xbox 360, Shadow Complex won over many fans with its fresh take on the Metroidvania genre. At the time, the game was a top seller on the Xbox Live Arcade service, offering a far more polished and extensive experience than much of its competition.

Publisher Epic Games is now seemingly prepping the title for a PC launch under the title Shadow Complex Remastered. A PEGI listing for the release carries a date of December 2, meaning that it could well be a surprise addition to the Steam store later on today.

Interestingly, there is no similar listing for an Xbox One re-release of the game, despite the original being an Xbox exclusive. Given that Shadow Complex was among the first wave of titles to be made backward compatible, this might just be a case of Microsoft seeking not to downplay the relevance of the broadly requested feature.

Shadow Complex Jason

While critical and commercial response to the game was very strong, it seemed unlikely that we would ever see a follow-up. Chair Entertainment were reportedly working on a sequel at one point in time, but that project was later abandoned in favor of a focus on Infinity Blade.

However, that could all change if there’s a strong response to the Remastered edition that seems to be nearing release. It’s easy to imagine the companies involved making a sequel a priority if it means that Shadow Complex can be transformed from a fondly remembered cult classic to an ongoing franchise.

That being said, this re-release comes at a very different time to the game’s launch. Metroidvania games have made something of a resurgence thanks to the rise of downloadable titles, and there’s a lot more competition for Shadow Complex to be compared to.

If the game is set to be re-released, it will be very interesting to see how it holds up. Back on the Xbox 360, it was a reprieve at the end of a long summer drought — in the competitive holiday release window, there are plenty of other titles to distract audiences away.

Source: VG247