Out of the vast library of XBLA titles to release over the years many have struck a chord for different reasons. While Limbo was the “art house” gem, and Braid was the unique puzzler, one title, Shadow Complex, was like a full scale retail release, only told from the 2D perspective.

Though Shadow Complex’s developer ChAIR Entertainment is currently working on titles, like Infinity Blade, for the iOS, Epic Games (co-developer on the project) hasn’t forgotten about their popular downloadable game. When speaking with Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski, Kotaku found out that Shadow Complex 2 has actually been “designed” it just needs a bunch of work added to it — work that currently isn’t happening.

Caught up in their own projects, including Gears of War 3, Epic Games clearly has a lot on their plate right now, as does ChAIR. According to Bleszinski, it was much more important for ChAIR to focus on iOS games because of the viability of that space.

“The projects we do align with where we need to be as a studio, strategically. We knew we needed to be on iOS.”

That isn’t to say that Epic Games wouldn’t pass off development on Shadow Complex 2 to another developer. Most recently they partnered up with People Can Fly for Bulletstorm, so who’s to say the publisher/developer isn’t in a particularly collaboration-friendly mood.

Yes, downloadable games are extremely popular — Microsoft just recently finished another quality Summer of Arcade — but mobile games are where it’s really at. Will we ever see this Shadow Complex 2 Bleszinski wasn’t willing to comment on, but if the game does end up getting its much needed development work it won’t be until some time much later.

But hey, you can check out Epic Games’ most recent effort, Gears of War 3, when it releases in just a few days, or you can pop over to the App Store and pick up the extremely gorgeous Infinity Blade — you won’t regret either pick up.

Would you be interested in playing a Shadow Complex sequel? If you could only have Chair working on one title, Infinity Blade or Shadow Complex, which would it be?

Source: Kotaku