Successful 'Shadow of the Colossus' Movie May Mean 'Ico' and 'Last Guardian' Movies Too

Ico/Shadow of The Colossus Movies

A Shadow of the Colossus movie is happening. And recently, Kevin Ping Chang, production executive at Misher Films -- the people currently developing the Shadow of the Colossus movie for Sony Pictures Entertainment -- expressed interest in working on adaptations of Ico and The Last Guardian. Specifically, when asked, "If the Shadow of the Colossus movie does well, will we see adaptations of Ico or The Last Guardian," Kevin Ping Chang replied:

"Ueda-san’s [the man behind all three games] vision is amazing and despite [Ico or The Last Guardian] not being literally a part of the same series, there is a spiritual connection between them.  It is certainly something we’ve fought for as a production company, making the case to both SCE and Sony Pictures and saying 'If Colossus works, this is a vision we can continue translating for at least two more episodes.'  We would love to do that."

So while a successful Shadow of the Colossus movie in no way appears to guarantee an Ico or Last Guardian movie, it would certainly appear to help the cause, or at least help the cause of those behind the Shadow movie being able to work on the Ico and Guardian movies.

I love both games, Shadow of the Colossus and Ico. And based on that track record and what I have seen so far I am fairly certain I will love The Last Guardian, too. I am willing to make that leap of faith. But I am not so certain I will love the Shadow of the Colossus film. Or that I even want to see a Shadow, Ico, or Guardian film. You see, I also love Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 3, and Street Fighter 4, (including all Super and Turbo versions of them all). And my love for 2 and 3 let me think I would love 4 even before it was released. But I do not love either Street Fighter movie.

I also do not like any of the Resident Evil movies, despite liking almost all the games. Same goes for Silent Hill. Oh yeah, and Doom, same thing applies. And that is the problem. Off the top of my head I can rattle off countless games that I have loved -- some for their story or vision, others just for their gameplay -- yet whose movies I have not enjoyed.

Shadow of the Colossus is an amazing game and an amazing experience, one I think all gamers should at least try -- and the recently announced HD version makes that even easier than ever. But I am not so sure it needs a movie. And just because a movie is successful does not mean it is good. In my opinion, the Transformers movies fall into this category.

But because I already know a Shadow of the Colossus movie is being made, I really do hope it is good. And if it is good, I hope it is successful. And if that turns out to be the case, then I hope that if Ico or The Last Guardian films see the light of day, they are good too.

What do you Ranters think? Are you excited about the Shadow of the Colossus movie? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Play Till Doomsday -- their interview with Kevin Ping Chang includes some other interesting information about the Shadow of the Colossus film, and is worth checking out in its entirety for those interested in the film.

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