Set of Pokemon Cards Goes for Over $100,000 at Auction

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Everyone dreams of stumbling open some ultra-rare piece of nerd memorabilia in their attic that makes them a healthy amount richer, and with the rise of the internet, those stories seem to be popping up more and more.  Whether it's a coveted NES era game or a rare comic in mint condition, it seems like stories of ultra-high prices being paid out at auction are becoming more frequent. And now, Pokemon cards are getting their own dragon's share.

While rare Pokemon cards are nothing new, with some fetching thousands of dollars online, none quite measure up to a complete set of 1999 first edition cards ⁠— all in perfect condition. The set, which contains 103 cards in total, has sold at auction for a staggering $107,010, which is more than the copy of Super Mario Bros. that recently sold for $100,000. The set includes a first edition Charizard card, which can go for a few thousand dollars on its own in perfect condition (with a full of the cards shown below).

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It's pretty incredible that someone managed to find a complete set in perfect condition, especially considering that the cards are now 20 years old. It must have taken some serious collecting prowess to find each one, though it obviously paid off. There are quite a few things someone could do with that money, and the seller may elect to take some time off to go on a Pokemon GO-themed vacation.

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It's kind of funny how much the value of the cards has increased since their debut decades ago, especially considering how many kids used to trade them around on playgrounds all across the world. It's possible some are still hiding in attics or a parent's basement, which is how one man ended up finding and selling a sealed copy of Kid Icarus for $10,000 just a few weeks ago. It just might be worth digging through some old boxes to see what turns up.

There aren't many solid details about who bought the Pokemon cards, but it's likely someone looking to relive just a little bit of their childhood. That being said, nostalgia can apparently be a pretty expensive endeavor for those that want the full experience without any compromises.

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Source: TMZ

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