Serious Sam 3 Developers attack EA Origin Service

Serious Sam 3 publisher Devolver Digital has a few choice words regarding EA’s new PC game-distribution service, Origin, mocking it in a parodic press release detailing why Serious Sam 3 will still be available on Steam.  The publisher states that the game will be sold on Steam because it is a great service and that by doing so, they can receive the revenue necessary to purchase “velvet covered jet skis.”

“I think we could have revolutionized how I make a sh*tload of money, but the reality is Steam is an amazing digital platform. That’s where we want to distribute our top-tier titles like Serious Sam 3:BFE to generate the kind of revenue it takes to buy things like velvet-covered jet skis.  Holy crap, did I just invent those?”

The outspoken developer also mocked many of Origin’s features in their press release, promising that their now-cancelled and fictitious digital platform “Krundle” would offer many preorder bonuses and features not available anywhere else such as:

  • Unconventional preoder incentives like in-game nachos and undetonated Cold War era munitions
  • Free to play fifty bucks games wherein the consumer is free to play the game once it is purchased for $50
  • Complimentary Portuguese adult films with purchases of $200 or more.

Serious Sam Origin

Origin itself has received its fair share of flak from the PC community.  Many are outraged to see EA titles like Crysis 2 and Dragon Age 2 disappear from Steam (even though it was Steam’s “restrictive terms of service” that caused that, according to EA) and worse, EA making future titles such as Star Wars: The Old Republic and Battlefield 3 unavailable on Steam. Couple that with Origin’s Terms of Service which states that EA has the right to remove any games or accounts that have been inactive for over two years, and there’s going to be a lot of agitated PC gamers.

While EA has cited Steam’s own regulations for their strained partnership, it has no doubt upset the over thirty million gamers who use Steam regularly.  Devolver Digital’s recent comments, albeit in jest, reflect the backlash that has come from gamers dedicated to Steam, and shows the many hurdles EA will have to pass in order to compete with Steam.  In the paraphrased words of Devolver Digital them self, Origin may have some advantages, but they’ll never give  players in-game nachos.

Serious Sam 3 will release for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in 2011, as well as in digital form for Steam.

Source: HotBloodedGaming