Rumor: Is a Hunt for More Demons & Souls on the Way?

By | 7 years ago 

Would you, if given the choice, grab your spear (sword, bow, whatever) and jump back into Boletaria?

From Software, the developers of the monstrously challenging Demon’s Souls, may grant that bleak wish. Rumors (and the Internet does love a good rumor) abound that a sequel to the surprisingly good and very hardcore-action RPG could be on its way. According to a post over at the NeoGaf forums, in the latest Dengeki Games podcast there was mention of an unannounced sequel to a game that came out last year, slated to be released this Fall. The game is said to be challenging and extremely hard.

Well, Demon’s Souls was certainly challenging and definitely extremely hard. So it could be a sequel courtesy of From Software. Or another developer got such a kick out of gamers’ pain that they’re going to design their next sequel around a punishing model.

Ahhh, what is it? Oh the mystery!

The podcast noted the sequel was for a game that had “interesting” gameplay systems, which Demon’s Souls definitely had, but didn’t mention a developer or any specifics whatsoever. Rumor, indeed. But what other candidates for this mystery game could there be?

Demon’s Souls was one of the toughest games released last year, and while the difficulty turned some gamers off, many found it to be a true old-school gaming experience. It even managed to win “Game of the Year” awards from several different publications and online gaming sites.

Therefore, a sequel to Demon’s Souls at some point would not be a big surprise. But for now, file this one away as pure rumor and conjecture by the gaming community.

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