As we inch towards the release of Black Ops 2, gamers are reminded that the current Elite Content Season is coming to an end. The final pieces of Modern Warfare 3 DLC will be released in September, and much like the map Terminal, they’ve also been leaked ahead of schedule.

Revealed by Youtube user Gamecheat13, the final batch of content will consist of three multiplayer maps. Titled Boardwalk, Gulch and Parish, the leaked Modern Warfare 3 maps are expected to drop in September, while PS3 and PC owners will receive them a month later. This coincides with Activision’s own Content Calendar, which lists three unnamed multiplayer maps for September.

The video revealing the new maps has since been taken down, however MP1ST was able to grab some screenshots of the new maps, while GameSpot secured some footage of Parish. The names of each map are pretty self explanatory, though it’s still worth checking out the images below.


MP1ST also suggests that a new game mode could be releasing for Modern Warfare 3. The aforementioned Content Calendar lists two new Spec Ops missions for August, as well as a third “classified” drop. Last week, the official Call of Duty: Elite Twitter offered fans the opportunity to “preview the next #MW3 game mode,” however no details have come of it. If the two are related, the new game mode should be worth looking forward to, especially after May’s Face Off Mode managed to impress us.

Past Modern Warfare 3 DLC has helped diversify the multiplayer; maps like Liberation gave players larger environments, while the aforementioned Face Off Mode brought back the close-quarters feel of maps like Shipment and Nuketown. However, with the recent emphasis on Face Off mode and Spec Ops the past two months, it’s great to see more multiplayer maps are coming – though it’s still disheartening that PS3/PC owners will only get them a month before the next Call of Duty comes out.

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Source: MP1ST