Sekiro: Celeste Creator Chimes in on Sekiro Difficulty Debate

sekiro difficulty debate

Since Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's release date just two weeks ago, a debate has been ongoing about the game's difficulty and, by extension, accessibility. Indeed, defeating many of Sekiro's bosses can feel like a monumental undertaking, and many fans have indicated that the game would be improved by adding an "easy mode" that would allow more players to enjoy the experience. Now, Matt Thorson, the developer behind Celeste, has given his thoughts on the matter.

In a series of tweets posted yesterday, Thorson outlined a number of ideas for what an "assist mode" could look like in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Specifically, he suggests that this assist mode could give players the opportunity to do things like adjust combat speed, increase the number of times they can resurrect, become invisible while sneaking, have infinite posture, and become invincible.

Furthermore, Thorson outlines what he considers to be important aspects of assist mode options. This includes making these options invisible to those that wish to play the game without them by keeping them within the main menu. This is sensible, as, certainly, a great number of players would be irritated to encounter on-screen assist prompts during their time with Sekiro.

Thorson also states that assist mode options need to be well explained upfront and should be fully adjustable throughout the entirety of a playthrough. This approach would allow players that are trying to reach Sekiro's endings to continually tweak the game's difficulty level until they have settled on what feels optimal to them.

While Celeste is certainly known for the challenges it offers, it has also been praised for its implementation of accessibility options. As such, players that find themselves struggling with Sekiro may wish that From Software would consider Thorson's tweets carefully.

Long before Sekiro's release, From Software was extremely transparent about the difficulty that players would encounter in the game, stating that Sekiro would be "more challenging" than the company's previous releases. It certainly seems that this statement has been proven true for some, and with so many players voicing their concerns, perhaps an assist mode, similar to what Thorson has outlined, is not simply a pipe dream.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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