A Second Vanquish Demo will be Power Sliding to a Console Near You

Second Vanquish Demo

Vanquish demo has been available on Xbox Live and PSN for a little over a week now, and if you haven't tried it then you're really missing out on some intense action/fun. For those of you who have tried the original Vanquish demo and would like to sink your teeth into a delicious version that will be a little closer to chaos in the final game then you are in luck! Announced just today at TGS there's going to be a second Vanquish demo hitting consoles soon.

The new demo was unveiled at this year's TGS by Vanquish's director (Shinji Mikami) and producer (Atsushi Inaba). Entitled "The Vanquish Challenge Mode Demo", it's set to crank up the difficulty and will also show off a little more of what the player can do after they've gotten a hang of the controls. It will feature the same lightning fast gameplay that the first demo gave us a feel for, but will add some new skills for players to master and utilize.

For those who don't know the back story to Vanquish it involves the main character, Sam Gideon, testing out a new battle suit. America is at war with the Russians (like in every other war related game), but the Russians aren't using their own soldiers to fight; instead they have robots that start invading New York. You must use the untested suit to take out evil robots and protect your home. Minus the robots, it's almost identical to every other war related game's plot, but you're likely not going to play Vanquish for its crazy story line. No, you'll play Vanquish for its crazy action and gameplay elements.

Vanquish is an incredibly fast game, maybe even faster than other Sega titles starring a notorious blue hedgehog, but Vanquish (unlike Sonic) is a title I'm actually looking forward to and for obvious reason. The combat is, as I mentioned, quick and the ability to use rockets to power slide along the floor on your knees straight into Russian robots' crotches is always entertaining. There is one vehicle that you can hijack in the demo available now that is reminiscent of a scout walker from Star Wars (minus Chewbaca), so cross your fingers that we'll be able to get our hands on some other vehicles in this new and more "challenging" demo.

"The Vanquish Challenge Mode" demo will be available in Japan on September 22nd and although the demo hasn't been given a release date outside of Japan it will likely get the North American treatment around soon after.

Are you guys excited for a second Vanquish demo? Did you enjoy the first one?

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