SEGA Calls Sony PS Vita ‘Technically Brilliant’; High Hopes for the Future

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SEGA Calls PS Vita Technically Brilliant and has High Hopes for the Future

Sony’s newest brainchild has certainly caught the attention of the masses around the water cooler. With recent discussions over price drops in Japan, release dates in the states, and the overwhelming hands-on approval at E3 this year, the PS Vita is set to make a splash upon its release. Though to do that, a handheld is only as good as the hands that hold it, and in this case, that means the developers behind its buttons.

Already there have been rumors (thanks to a leaked listing) about Capcom product testing a portable Marvel vs. Capcom 3, along with their possible Street Fighter X Tekken miniature. However Capcom isn’t the only one captivated by the Vita’s potential: SEGA has now said they have “several” plans in store for the handheld, and Virtua Tennis is top on their list.

Sega West CEO Mike West is excited for the Vita, not only because it’s focus will be for the core gamers, but also because Sony is promising a wide variety of affordable options and price points for games – something that Nintendo’s 3DS eShop still struggles with.

“We’ve made it very clear we’re going to support Sony with that title [Virtua Tennis]. … It’s interesting on Vita – technically it’s brilliant, it’s beautiful, and it’s really great to play. And Sony has made it very clear they want to target core gamers primarily. So we take that on board with the titles that we’re going to bring out.”

West went on to explain the implications of the different pricing systems, especially when it comes back to the developers and planning for a title.

“You can do the mid-point, more like your XBLA or PSN titles and of course maybe even a small bite size of more app type software. For me, the strength of that device is the whole spectrum of software, that will either sell as physical or as digital. That, I think, is a big point of difference for us as a developer.”

These are the same issues and comments that have been plaguing the Nintendo 3DS for the past few months – content has been lackluster and there have been hardly and system-selling games. It may be that Sony finally has a chance to take a large portion of the handheld market – a demographic Nintendo has dominated for decades. With more developers speaking their mind, it’ll only be a matter of time to see if the talk is worth the walk.

Source: Industry Gamers

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