While Sega will always be recognized as one of the biggest game developers of all time, financially they haven’t been doing so well as of late. So it does make sense that they would focus more on publishing games than developing their own. Now, one of those titles they are publishing just so happens to be Double Fine‘s upcoming adventure game (not the Kickstarter-funded point-and-click adventure), which may be a solid enough investment to start putting Sega back on a safer financial track.

Sega’s Twitter account posted an odd image of a forest, with a piece of the picture cut out and a big question mark above it. The image seemed to be a teaser for a game that the company was developing, but no other information was given beyond that at the time. It didn’t take long for gamers to start speculating just what the game would be, nor for The Cave to become official.

The team at SEGAbits posted the image on their Facebook page to gather some opinions and drum up discussion. One user happened to note that the art style of the pic was similar to that of Ron Gilbert’s upcoming Adventure Game. So the team decided to take the character art from Gilbert’s blog and composite them onto the background.

And, as it turns out, it was a match. This meant that Sega would be publishing the Double Fine Adventure Game. You can see the full image for yourselves below:

Sega-Published Double Fine Game 'The Cave'

The art style does seem typical of Gilbert’s work, if only for the obvious similarities to Psychonauts. It also seems somewhat similar to the art video posted on Double Fine’s Twitter account, though Tim Schafer denied it being related to the Adventure Game. Either way, it was clear that Sega is involved with this game in some way and today it’s official.

Above if the first official trailer for Double Fine’s The Cave and the game is indeed to be published by Sega. It’s a beautiful side-scroller featuring a variety of characters and environments.

What do you think of Sega’s involvement in the publishing of this title?

The Cave is coming to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime in 2013.

Source: SEGAbits, Kotaku, VG247