SEGA Will Acquire Atlus Parent Company Index Corporation

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Less than a year after acquiring Relic Entertainment in the THQ bankruptcy auction, SEGA is ready to make another purchase, and it's a big one. Yes, the rumors are reportedly true, SEGA is looking to purchase Atlus' parent company Index Holdings.

The deal will reportedly be finalized in November with SEGA's parent company SEGA SAMMY paying 14 Billion Yen for Index Corporation. But really, the prize that SEGA has its eye on is Atlus and their extremely popular Japanese properties.

Back in June, Index Corporation filed for civil rehabilitation, causing many to speculate that the company, along with Atlus, would be sold to the highest bidder. Shortly thereafter, word travelled that 20 companies were looking to acquire Index, with SEGA seeming like one of the frontrunners.

If the deal goes through, SEGA will be in control of the Megami Tensei and Persona franchises, which are huge in Japan. They have somewhat of a following here in the states, especially amongst hardcore RPG fans, but the franchises make the vast majority of their money overseas.

And while Megami Tensei and its Persona spin-off series are the real gems in Atlus' library, SEGA will also now own the Etrian Odyssey franchise, which just released a fourth sequel this year. Clearly, there are brands to take advantage of within Atlus and SEGA was willing to pay top dollar for them.

SEGA Will Acquire Atlus

Not long after news broke that SEGA was about to acquire Atlus, the company issued a press release. In it, SEGA mentions using Atlus' IPs for consoles, mobile devices, and pachinko machines. They also cite the success of Company of Heroes 2 - developed by Relic Entertainment - as proof that they can handle new properties.

Regardless of how gamers might feel about SEGA, the fact of the matter is that Atlus was in trouble. This sale will save those franchises gamers feel so passionately about, even if fans think those properties may be in the wrong hands. Still, SEGA is a pretty good home for Atlus, as both have pretty deep roots in the Japanese market.

From console manufacturer to the house that built Sonic, SEGA now has quite a history under its belt — one that will presumably continue for many years to come. They've diversified their portfolio with acquisitions like Relic and now Atlus, so that even if Sonic is still their bread and butter it's not the only popular franchise they have under their belt.

How do you feel about SEGA owning Atlus? Do you think they will benefit each other? Which Atlus franchise are you most excited to see find new life?


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