This Nintendo Switch See-Through Design is Seriously Cool


Although the Nintendo Switch offered up some variety of design at launch, with a choice between neon or grey Joy-Cons, that hasn't stopped Nintendo fans from thinking about other designs that the console could provide. One fan idea that certainly has a lot of potential is for the Joy-Cons to have a see-though style, and a recent image created certainly shows the potential of that line of thinking.

Quite simply, the design itself looks really cool. It's reminiscent of some of the best designs from Nintendo console history to boot, with this Nintendo Switch mock-up looking close to those beloved transparent versions of the likes of the Nintendo 64, see-through Gamecube controllers, and the Game Boy Advance. Indeed, the fan-made design here seems to have been created with assets from the see-through version of the Game Boy Color.

All in all, it's a great piece of fan design, and one that many gamers may well want to see from the new console in the future. Whether such a release could be on the cards is another matter entirely, however, but given Nintendo's history with transparent controllers and consoles, anything could happen - particularly if it became clear that there was an appetite to see its release.


This is far from the only time that Nintendo fans have been able to mock up something magical for the new console, as shown by some extremely cool Nintendo Switch skins, but some have gone even further and looked to turn their design into a real-world object. In one great example, a Nintendo Switch user got around the potential for screen scratches from Nintendo's own Switch dock by 3D printing a new version entirely, earning a fair amount of praise in the process for the streamlined final product.

Of course, it is still very early days in the life of the Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo will likely be aiming to keep things simple when it comes to the design - at least for the next few months. So far, the Switch has been a huge success in terms of sales, with the console selling out across multiple retailers and Nintendo aiming to try and keep up demand going long into 2017. Given the stock shortages themselves, no doubt many gamers will be hoping to simply get their hands on the console, whether it be complete with see-through Joy-Con controllers or some of those designs currently available.

Source: Nintendo Today

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