10 Secret Side Quests Everyone Missed In The Witcher 3

The Witcher: Wild Hunt is a massive game with lots to do. Players can spend hundreds of hours exploring this large continent and still not discover all of the quests and side stories this game has to offer. Hidden treasure, powerful weapons, tragic tales, and Geralt’s modeling career are some of the hidden quests that the average player has yet to discover in this great game.

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Odds are, there are still quests to be found, but hopefully this list will give you the motivation to go out and search for them. Here are 10 secret side questions everyone missed in The Witcher 3.

10 On Death’s Bed

This one is discovered in the White Orchard and presents Geralt with a moral dilemma. A woman has been injured by a Griffin and needs a valuable potion called “Swallow” to potentially heal her. Not only is the potion incredibly valuable to the player in combat there’s another catch many won't find out about until they tackle this quest at least twice.

If the woman takes the potion her body is healed but the brew destroys her mind leaving her a hollow shell. If the player refuses to give her the potion for whatever reason she dies a horrible, agonizing death. The player can take solace knowing they tried to help her, but it's still a horrible ending either way.

9 There Can Be Only One

After overhearing a conversation between two men at the Tourney Grounds, players can take on a series of trials to prove their worth at the shores of Lac Célavy. The player must then perform, or have performed, five quests in a certain way to prove their valor, honor, compassion, generosity, and wisdom.

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After proving their worth the player must then defeat the mysterious hermit who is not as they seem. Upon winning the duel the reward is the powerful sword Aerondight, one Witcher fans will be familiar with.

8 Cabaret

Not all quests are about monsters and bounties. After saving Dandelion, a hidden quest can be obtained by revisiting him. It turns out he wants to transform a run down brothel into a cabaret. Geralt assists and has the important decision of making the cabaret an upstanding theater or a scandalous boudoir.

Successfully completing this quest creates the new business The Chameleon. It’s a great hidden quest that sees a seedy business turning into a place of repute or a less seedy establishment through the player's choices.

7 A Portrait Of The Witcher As An Old Man

This amusing quest can be discovered at the market square in The Gran'place. Conversing with an artist will reveal that the man thinks Geralt would make a fine model for his painting of an old man. The player has the choice of doing a tasteful nude with Geralt either lying down, standing with a shield, or riding a horse.

Before the painting is finished a griffin will attack and upon killing it the painter will offer to also add the corpse of the griffin into the painting. It’s a funny quest and will end up hanging in The Belles Of Beauclair.

6 X Marks The Spot

This is one of the harder quests to find, unless you happen to stumble upon it or know where to look. There’s an abandoned hut just outside of Blandare near the lake. Inside the hut is a skeleton holding a key and a map.

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It turns out it’s a treasure map that leads to a hidden chest under a waterfall. While it’s not the most exciting reward it is a genuine treasure chest that’s worth the exploration.

5 Lord Of The Wood

Another unmarked location on the map yields a hidden quest that can prove a bit challenging for those unprepared. South of Novigrad is an abandoned logger’s camp that’s the sight of a massacre. Geralt can explore the area and find a hut with a letter telling of the tragedy that befell the camp.

Investigating this tragedy will take the player deep into the woods where they will confront an ancient evil inhabiting the forest. Successfully completing this quest yields the useful Black Unicorn sword that drains enemies of their vitality and give it to Geralt.

4 Taken As A Lass

On the coast east of Ard Skelling, players can find a young man fighting off a pair of pirates. Saving his life will begin the quest to save his sister who was taken by the pirates in the area. The player will need to hunt down the pirate ship to discover her fate.

The quest doesn’t go as expected as the player will find out the pirate’s were slaughtered by a pack of ruthless beasts. It’s an interesting quest with an unexpected development and some fun, but difficult combat.

3 The Taxman Cometh

Even in a video game, players aren’t immune to the looming shadow of taxes. Witchers aren’t typically wealthy individuals as most of their earnings gets reinvested in better gear, alchemy ingredients, and to bribe informants.

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But if you prove to be a shrewd and frugal mercenary and accumulate a wealth of 35,000 crowns, you’ll be approached by a taxman suspicious of your earnings. Depending on how you answer you can be given a diploma commending your business savvy or you will be sentenced to deliver unpaid taxes to the Vivaldi Bank.

2 Without A Trace

If players find their way to the hut of a herbalist outside of Oxenfurt, they’ll find the herbalist’s apprentice has gone missing in Deadwight Wood. Tracking down the evidence will lead to a kindly older couple living alone in the forest.

But not everything is as it seems and exploring further will reveal something vile has happened in these woods. The player is then presented with the moral dilemma of what to do to the desperate elderly couple and what to say to the distressed herbalist.

1 Paperchase

Perhaps the most interesting hidden quest in The Witcher: Wild Hunt is one that rewards you for being patient. Near Trentin’s workshop is a vineyard owner who has a history with Geralt. It turns out that he meant to pay you for services you rendered to him in a previous game, but he couldn’t before Geralt hit the open road.

Instead, he opened a bank account under Geralt’s name and deposited the funds there until he encountered Geralt again. This results in a quest to satisfy the bureaucracy to obtain the funds which involves paperwork, line cutting, fist fights, bribery, and a bit of gambling. If you’re impatient to the bank’s plight, you can forcefully take your money. If you have a little patience, you can learn the magical power of interest.

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