Square Enix has decided to listen to the hopeful cries of aging fans everywhere, and remade the beloved action JRPG Secret of Mana. Without a doubt, it is by far the most popular entry in the Mana series outside of Japan.

Typically a luxury only bestowed on the company’s Final Fantasy series, Secret of Mana is getting the full treatment. Whether it be its new 3D visuals, updated soundtrack, or voice acting. For a preview of the main character’s voice, check out a portion of the opening scene from Secret of Mana that’s included in the game’s trailer, where he speaks a few lines.

Secret of Mana will release for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and on STEAM. The global digital release is set for next year, February 15, 2018.

Those who pre-order through the PlayStation Store will receive special character costumes: the Moogle Suit and the Tiger Suit, in addition to three PlayStation Network avatars. Those who purchase the Day 1 Edition will receive the costumes as well, plus some downloadable wallpaper. The existence of costumes and pre-order bonuses could mean the game will have more downloadable content down the line, after its release.

secret of mana preorder moogle suit square enix

There will be a lot of hype surrounding this one, as Secret of Mana is a legendary JRPG that released during what is arguably the golden age of role-playing games, the 90s. For those who haven’t played it, it’s likely that it’s at least been heard of by reputation. It has a habit of popping up in top 10 lists, such as our list of the 10 greatest JRPGs ever.

This is a special treat for longtime fans, as well as newcomers who get to experience this incredible game for the first time, but with a lot more polish. Requests for remakes of classic Square Enix games are often and loud, but the company appears to be listening. A Final Fantasy 7 remake is already underway, and now we have Secret of Mana. It’s looking good for fans holding out for a proper Chrono Trigger remake.

Secret of Mana will release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and STEAM on February 15, 2018.