Sea Of Thieves: 10 Beginner Tips For Players

Ahoy matey! So you want to be the greatest pirate who's ever sailed the seven seas? Follow these tips, and you'll find all the doubloons you yearn for. Ignore them, and you'll find yourselves at the bottom of Davy Jones' Locker. Sea of Thieves has gone through drastic changes since its initial launch in March 2018.

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An expanded map and new gameplay elements have made the difference with developer Rare's pirate action-adventure game. Remember, dead men tell no tales. Whether you're a Pirate Legend or a deck scrubbing scallywag, these are 10 beginner tips for Sea of Thieves players you can't miss.

10 Stock Your Ship With Supplies Before Setting Sail

You wouldn't want to run out of wooden planks while you are out in the sea and your ship has sprung a leak. Pirate basics code 101 states that sailors should stock their boat with a plentitude of supplies including cannonballs, fruit, and wooden planks.

Not doing so could lead to the sinking of your ship and lost treasure. Each outpost has an abundance of supplies for players to stock their boat. Don't forget to stock before setting sail and don't be afraid to dock at an outpost either.

9 Grind Until You Reach Pirate Legend (Exclusive Gear And Ship Customizations)

Becoming a Pirate Legend is a prestigious goal that grants players access to secret underground bases at outposts. These bases contain unique Pirate Legend gear and ship customizations. A sailor can reach Pirate Legend by leveling to level 50 across all three of the trading companies. It sounds like a daunting task, but with the right strategies, you'll be a Pirate Legend in no time.

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After you've reached level 50, head into the tavern where you can speak with the Mysterious Stranger. The Mysterious Stranger will open the Tavern of Legends.

8 A Flock Of Birds Means There Is Either Barrels Or An Underwater Shipwreck Nearby

While sailing the Sea of Thieves, look overhead for flocks of birds. If you see a crowd of birds above water, there are either barrels filled with supplies or a shipwreck underwater. If it's the latter, you'll be able to find supplies, treasure, or a message in a bottle.

One can earn a significant amount of gold from shipwrecks, which makes them worth exploring if there aren't enemy ships coasting nearby. Flocks of birds can be seen in the horizon, so get your pirate spyglass out and head to the Crow's Nest!

7 Make Money Fast By Conquering Skeleton Forts

Skeleton Forts can be difficult for beginners, but they don't have to be. Conquering Skeleton Forts should be easy as lowering the sails. Because of the numerous skeletons firing cannons, the Skeleton Fort is one of the most challenging aspects of Sea of Thieves. Get to know the fort's ammo box and gunpowders barrel locations since it will be highly beneficial in the long run.

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One strategy involves grouping at the fort's entrance. Normal and Plant Skeletons are especially easy with this strategy. If you succeed in beating all the waves, you'll make approximately 10-14k gold from a Skeleton Fort's loot.

6 The Pistol And Sword Is A Highly Effective Combination At Short To Medium Range

Most players like to play around with the different weapons of Sea of Thieves, but many people are unaware that the pistol and sword is a highly effective combination. One shot with the pistol followed by a sword slash or two will end the life of an opposing player. Also, the pistol can be used at a distance to take down enemies with ease.

By maintaining a distance, players can take down opponents with a blunderbuss or sword. For most situations, the pistol and sword is an advantageous combination.

5 Find Gunpowder Barrels At Forts

Gunpowder Barrels are explosive kegs that trigger when struck by a bullet or if it makes contact with the outside hull of a ship. Gunpowder Barrels are useful for taking down boats since they sustain a significant amount of damage upon detonation. These barrels can be found at most forts and on various islands.

Forts are the best option for finding Gunpowder Barrels fast. In intense battles, Gunpowder Barrels can be your most useful weapon. Lighting the fuse gives players a few seconds before it inflicts tremendous damage to players and ships.

4 Earn XP And Gold Fast With This Merchant Voyage Strategy

By loading your ship with numerous crates, one can earn a ton of gold and raise their Merchant Alliance level. It should be noted that gold and black chickens, snakes, and pigs have the highest value. Pick up Merchant Alliance voyages that ask for gold and black chickens. Pigs need to be fed, and snakes attack, so they are more difficult than chickens.

For the best chicken farming, head to islands like Shipwreck Bay, Crook's Hollow, and Marauder's Arch. If your entire crew kills themselves, the islands will reset, and more chickens will appear. Grab a ton of chickens, then complete the voyages afterward. This strategy will make you a Pirate Legend in no time.

3 Prepare For Battle

Load the cannons, raise the sails, and prepare for battle. Sea of Thieves is an online-only game, so chances are you'll encounter enemy ships. Not every player in the Sea of Thieves is hostile. Proximity chat allows you to talk to players nearby. If an opposing ship has no loot on deck and they don't seem to be a threat, a battle can be avoided.

A surprising amount of players in the game just want to sail and have fun and are not looking to get into a cannon fight. If you do get into a fight, aim for the lowest deck and shoot the people manning the cannons. Also, don't shoot the same spot twice as it won't do damage until the section is repaired.

2 Watch Out For Megalodon

Based on the prehistoric creature who dominated the sea approximately 1.6 million years ago, Megalodon is one of the fiercest, most dangerous creatures in the Sea of Thieves. Its jaw power is strong enough to massacre ships, leaving players helpless to become shark food.

Megalodon wasn't always a part of Sea of Thieves, but now, it's presence is a common occurrence in the game. It's possible to defeat Megalodon with enough firepower. In most cases, sailing away as fast as possible is the easiest way to escape the jaws of Megalodon.

1 Defeating The Kraken

The Kraken is a sea creature that can attack ships at random. It's a relatively tricky monster, so you'll need all the help you can. First and foremost, you're going to want to get your blunderbuss out. It does the most damage for when the Kraken is squeezing your boat. Secondly, make sure your sails are down.

It's not worth the effort to defeat the Kraken, and you'll want to escape as swiftly as possible. Lastly, aim for the tentacles that are obstructing your ship and ignore the ones that aren't. This way you'll escape and conserve cannonballs.

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