Xbox Australia prematurely reveals the February release month for the upcoming Rare-developed multiplayer pirate game Sea of Thieves on PC and Xbox One.

Sea of Thieves was a pleasant surprise at this year’s E3 event, with an impressive multiplayer demo that left us hungry for more. While we still don’t have an exact release date for the game, Xbox Australia has let the game’s release month slip on Twitter. Apparently, PC and Xbox One owners can play Sea of Thieves next February.

The Tweet in question has since been removed, perhaps indicating that Xbox Australia spilled the beans a little early. Xbox Australia’s Twitter account is full of release date announcements, with its latest Tweets announcing Red Dead Redemption‘s backward compatibility launch and the release dates for the BioShock Collection, so it’s likely that the Sea of Thieves release window is accurate, even if it was revealed prematurely.

Since Sea of Thieves is one of the bigger Xbox One console exclusive games on the horizon, it would be odd for its release date to be announced in a simple Tweet. Considering this, one has to imagine that a brand new Sea of Thieves trailer is set to drop soon, and Xbox Australia just jumped the gun. When such a trailer could release remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t be out of the question to see it within the week. Alternatively, the Sea of Thieves release date announcement and trailer could be reserved for a Microsoft Gamescom surprise.

Sea of Thieves Gets Release Window - Xbox Australia Sea of Thieves Tweet

In a screenshot of the deleted Tweet (seen above), it appears as though the trailer will feature a kraken destroying a pirate ship. Maybe the trailer will highlight various sea creatures that players can battle in the game, which would be a change of pace, as most Sea of Thieves footage so far has focused on the PvP aspect.

To date, not a lot has been shown of Sea of Thieves compared to other big games on the horizon, so it’s due for a more comprehensive look at its gameplay features. It seems like there will be more to it than players just sailing around and getting drunk with friends, and so a new trailer would hopefully expand on what players can expect to do in Sea of Thieves.

Regardless of what will be in the possible Sea of Thieves trailer, fans should expect it drop soon, probably before or during Gamescom 2016. While the release date announcement was likely the biggest Sea of Thieves news planned, here’s hoping there’s still more surprises in store for those anticipating the online multiplayer pirate game.

Sea of Thieves will be available in February, 2017 for PC and Xbox One.

Source: IGN