Sea of Thieves Dev Diary Details Live Campaigns

sea of thieves live campaign details

Since making a big splash at E3, Rare's Sea of Thieves has remained pretty quiet about its development process. As one of the most exciting Xbox One exclusives currently announced, there's a certain weight of expectation being placed on the game that has likely caused Rare to shy away from making any promises it won't be able to keep as development continues. Given that Sea of Thieves is already committing to so much content and innovation, then, it makes sense that details have been trickling out rather than flooding.

That's what makes a recent interview with Sea of Thieves Campaign Producer Christina Parker so interesting. The video, which was uploaded yesterday, details a new aspect of Sea of Thieves that had previously only been mentioned in passing - the existence of Live Campaign events, and what they will offer players once Rare's seafaring sandbox game finally releases. Here's the interview:

The interview describes Live Campaign events in Sea of Thieves as "time-limited events that will happen in-game", and Parker later elaborates on them, saying that they will exist outside of downloadable updates and other content that needs to be added to the game's files before being played. Live Campaigns will see players asked to go to a certain area and complete certain tasks within a certain amount of time, and it certainly sounds as though many of these events will be centered around co-op features with other Sea of Thieves players.

Another revelation from the interview, however, was that Rare will be using other online multiplayer games as inspiration for how the developer approaches Sea of Thieves. Although no games were mentioned specifically, Parker indicated that Sea of Thieves would definitely have seasonal event content, something that has been key in Blizzard's Overwatch event schedule. Interestingly, Parker noted that Rare wants to make its seasonal events as inclusionary as possible, meaning Sea of Thieves might be one of the first big multiplayer games to branch out from the established, successful gaming holidays like Christmas and Halloween.

The interview is only about three minutes long, but it's easily some of the most exciting news to emerge from Sea of Thieves in quite some time. Hopefully, Rare continues to release these behind the scenes looks at the development process behind Sea of Thieves - and gamers will be very lucky indeed if they're all as meaningful and interesting as the interview featured yesterday.

Sea of Thieves is tentatively planned for a 2017 launch, and will release for Xbox One and PC.

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