Sea of Thieves Hungering Deep Update to Add Drums, Tattoos, and Flags

sea of thieves the hungering deep shark teaser

Rare is preparing for the quickly approaching release of Sea of Thieves' first major content update, The Hungering Deep, by tantalizing players with a tease of all the new content. The official webpage for The Hungering Deep is now live, filled with exciting content revels for the forthcoming update like customizable flags, customizable scars and tattoos, and the introduction of an all-new instrument, the drum.

Up until this past week, Rare has remained especially quiet regarding what content players could expect in the Sea of Thieves Hungering Deep update. A terrifying AI threat that may or may not be a giant shark was the studio's only admission, along with hints of a legend to discover surrounding the beast of the deeps.

Although players thought the developer was trying to keep the bigger reveals a secret, Rare want to make sure all Sea of Thieves players are aware of the new significant features being delivered in The Hungering Deep. That feature list now includes:

  • Drums - A new musical instrument type to accompany the currently existing concertina and hurdy-gurdy.
  • Speaking Trumpet - Allows players to speak to other players across further distances.
  • Tattoos & Scars - Up until now player character tattoos and scars were assigned and unchangeable after character creation. Players will now be able to purchase and customize their pirate's fleshy accessories as they please.
  • Flags - The days of all pirates on the sea running a white flag will be ending, as custom flags will soon join the slew of already available ship customizations. That selection includes the ol' skull and crossbones, naturally.

It's not exactly a new feature, but Rare also confirmed that they'll be adding at least one new mysterious figurehead. The shadowy teaser image, oddly enough, looks exactly like a shark-shaped figurehead that was already shown in a previously released screenshot.

sea of thieves flags

Alongside the wave of permanent content within The Hungering Deep comes a bevy of time-sensitive content as well, the most exciting of which is a limited adventure. It all begins with the no-legged pirate Merrick, who'll set the player on a "trail of riddles and rumors" in pursuit of the creature he calls his nemesis. As is implied, the adventure won't be available forever -- and neither will its exclusive rewards. Just when the event will end isn't clear, but don't wait too long to join in the fun.

Merrick will offer a set of ship customizations including a figurehead, sails, and hull paint, along with a sharky drum and speaking horn. Merrick's shark-themed exclusives aren't the only time-limited rewards, however. The Hungering Deep will also have the Hungering Tattoo Set and some shark-bite scars made available for purchase in-game. And of course, if customizations are your pirate's fancy, there's likely more to come.

The Hungering Deep update releases on May 29 and marks the beginning of  Sea of Thieves' lengthy 2018 content roadmap.

Sea of Thieves is available now on PC and Xbox One.

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