In a new interview, the head of Xbox Games Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, reveals that Rare’s pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves has been delayed to 2017.

One of the games PC and Xbox One players were most excited to see at E3 2016 was Rare’s upcoming pirate adventure Sea of Thieves. Thankfully, Rare did not disappoint as during the Microsoft press conference, the developer presented some brand new Sea of Thieves gameplay footage which highlighted the game’s multiplayer.

The trailer shows a group of players as they live the pirate life (but with none of the scurvy) – they manage a ship, wage war on other pirates and drink ale too. This very first glimpse of gameplay left fans as eager as ever to get their hands on the title, but unfortunately there’s a bit more waiting to do as Sea of Thieves has now been delayed.

According to Microsoft’s list of upcoming Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusives, Sea of Thieves was initially planned for a release at some point in 2016. However, in a new interview with Kinda Funny Games, the head of Xbox Games Marketing, Aaron Greenberg spoke about the company’s post-Gears of War 4 release schedule, saying that “after that we get things like Halo Wars 2 in February and then we just keep kind of cranking as we go through. Sea of Thieves is coming out in that window, Scalebound, a lot more titles.”

While many PC and Xbox One gamers will certainly be glad to have an idea – or a rough one, at least – of when the platforms’ biggest games will be released, some have expressed concern that that early 2017 is far too packed. Tekken 7 also has an early 2017 release date on Xbox One and Mass Effect: Andromeda was recently delayed to early 2017 as well. Granted, Tekken 7 and Mass Effect: Andromeda aren’t exclusive to PC and Xbox One but with so many people looking forward to these games as well, it could potentially squeeze the sales of the Microsoft exclusives.

As for Microsoft’s plans for the rest of the year, Crackdown 3 has been delayed to 2017, the Phantom Dust remaster is also out in 2017 and State of Decay 2 is out next year as well. Although there are no specific release windows attached to any of these games, fans will be hoping that these releases are spread out across the rest of the year, if only for the sake of their wallets. Microsoft may also need to spread the games out to avoid criticism – in 2015, Sony was criticized for having a ‘sparse’ line-up of PS4 exclusives towards the end of the year and Microsoft will surely want to avoid similar comments.

Sea of Thieves releases in early 2017 for Xbox One and PC.