Sea of Thieves Update Adds Support for Closed Crews

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Rare, developer behind Sea of Thieves recently detailed that a new update coming to the game would be adding the option for closed crews. It now seems fans won't have to wait any longer to check out this new feature, as the update went live today.

A brief video was posted on YouTube that breaks down the new option for open and closed crews in the game, along with other changes and fixes that were made to Sea of Thieves. The new crew option will allow players to choose whether or not they want their crew to be open, meaning that it will be filled by other random players. If players choose to have a closed crew, then they have to manually fill empty spots by inviting others to join them.

The change to crews wasn't the only thing the patch added. New items were made available to purchase at the Ancient Isle. These new items include Imperial Sovereign Blunderbuss, Hulls, Liveries, Pistol and Sails. Other changes to items in the game included having the prices of Castaway Bilge Rat items reduced. Also, ranking up with the different trading companies will now increase the chances of better rewards for players who have higher ranks with them.

Other minor updates that were made include player titles and Gamertags no longer being visible when swimming under the water. The flintlock pistol has been given new sound effects when firing at close range and reloading the weapon. Clothing chest icons have been updated as well, along with changes to the health bar.

Of course, no update would be complete without some tweaking to the game's performance and fixing existing issues within the game. Some of the issues that were tweaked or fixed include having the ability to lock frame rates at 100 FPS. An issue with inconsistent frame rates during certain scenarios in the game, like ship fights and Kraken encounters, has been resolved. Issues with crashing servers were also addressed. Full patch notes can be viewed on the game's official forums here.

This new patch continues the slew of content and updates that the developer has been cranking out since the title's launch a few months ago. Most recently, the game celebrated its one month anniversary by releasing some special cosmetic items and a new weapon.

Sea of Thieves is now available on PC and Xbox One.

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