Navigating the waters in Sea of Thieves can be treacherous, especially for those players that can’t get their bearings. Luckily, one player put together a map detailing their findings on each island, lending a helping hand (or hook) to other pirates who are trying to fulfill their contracts.

In Sea of Thieves, pirates will have a choice between three different kinds of voyages to embark on. They can either seek out treasure, collect skulls, or procure trade goods, often in the form of animals. Any salty sea dog looking for the latter will have to search high and low, island to island, in order to find either chickens, pigs, or snakes to fulfill their contracts.

Thankfully, Reddit user Nhymn is helping out fellow swashbucklers by creating a map of the entire sea, complete with the locations of all the animals on each island, as well as where to find forts and outposts.

sea of thieves spawn map

It isn’t quite clear yet if animal spawns are random or not, but this user has systematically checked their own work and confirmed it stays accurate. Regardless, this map will surely be better than going in blind, so we’d recommend using it as a loose guide. As far as forts and outposts are concerned, there should be no problems with the accuracy of the map, as those stay put.

In related news, in addition to the regular bounties available, there are also some rare items to be found in Sea of Thieves. Besides buried treasure, there are also Captain’s Chests that are hidden away in the nooks and crannies of various islands. There are also rare animals, such as the red speckled chicken, which can be turned in for a generous reward.

Speaking of rewards, the game is currently dealing with issues related to them. Rewards, in short, appear to be broken. Players turning in chests, skulls, and the like, are not getting the gold and reputation they deserve. Though developer Rare says the system is simply delaying those rewards, and that players should continue to play as usual until the system catches up, many players rightly feel they shouldn’t have to wait around for something that is a core part of the game.

To further add to the issue, Sea of Thieves will soon charge players gold when they die, which is unsurprisingly an extremely unpopular idea with the playerbase. Rare promises that death costs will vary, depending on the type of death and whether it could have been avoided or not, but that it won’t charge players at all for PVP related deaths.

Sea of Thieves is available now for PC and Xbox One.