Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference didn’t offer the best news for fans eager to play a video game about pirates, as Sea of Thieves was delayed to 2018. However, the game did provide a meme-worthy scene that the Internet can’t stop talking about.

About a third of the way into the new Sea of Thieves gameplay trailer, the player character takes a short break from blasting skeletons with their blunderbuss to enjoy a light, health-restoring snack. The character takes out a banana from their inventory and then proceeds to eat it whole – skin and all. What’s worse is that they don’t even bite into it from the side, they bite into it stem first.

On social media, those who have watched the Sea of Thieves gameplay trailer are absolutely besides themselves with laughter. It has prompted at least one ‘this is how you eat a banana’ video tutorial where fans attempt to eat an entire banana (stem first, skin and all) in real-life.

It has also led to academic explanations, with some pointing out that the Sea of Thieves‘ weird banana-eating ways are historically accurate. Apparently, since the banana contains most of the nutritional value in the peel and pirates were in no position to waste fresh fruit and vegetables, it was quite common for them to eat the entire piece whole. The fact that the skin is fibrous (good for cleaning teeth) and slips on banana skins on-deck could be fatal are also said to be reasons why.

Of all the reasons that PC and Xbox One gamers are playing Sea of Thieves, “historically accurate banana eating” is probably not very high up on the list. Instead, the game has drawn people in with its promise of fun-filled co-op gameplay as friends take to the high seas together, as well as the promise of cross-play between the PC and console versions of the game.

However, the fact that the Internet seized upon this so quickly, despite being distracted by other major announcements such as the reveal of the Xbox One X, is a good sign. It will be these sorts of shareable, laugh-worthy moments that will help to keep fans invested in the game for plenty of time even after it launches. Long may the fruity fun continue, even if it is utterly ridiculous.

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Sea of Thieves is slated to release in early 2018 for PC and Xbox One.