Sea of Solitude Reveals Trailer and Story Details at E3 2018

Sea of Solitude E3 2018 Trailer

During today's EA Play conference, Electronic Arts revealed a new trailer for its next EA Origins title, Sea of Solitude. The game is being developed by a Berlin-based studio named Jo-Mei, which announced the game several years ago prior to it being picked up as an EA Origins title in 2016. The game's creative director, Cornelia Geppert, states, "When humans become lonely, they become monsters. This at the core of the story of SoS". Given what unfolds in the first teaser trailer below, this seems to be a fair assessment of Sea of Solitude.

As the trailer below shows, the world seems to be a a partially flooded ruin that can seem almost peaceful and quaint at times. However, things can certainly get dark: red-eyed monsters and grabbing hands linger beneath the surface, and monsters in the sky prove that the sea doesn't harbor the only threats in this world. It's unclear if the game will be feature open world aspects, or how much of a horror aspect could come into play. For now, one thing seems certain: this game is set to deliver a powerful message about the emotion of loneliness and its impact on one's entire being.

Gamers can take a look at the official teaser trailer for Sea of Solitude below:

Sea of Solitude is focused around a girl named Kay who undergoes a journey of self-discovery. She wants to discover why she's turned into a monster, and traverses a partially-submerged city on a small motorboat in order to find the answer. Electronic Arts Vice President Patrick Söderlund revealed that although Kay would encounter many monsters throughout the world presented within Sea of Solitude, she would find the external monsters not to be the biggest danger. It's unclear exactly how the game will present the themes of loneliness and the dangers of a negative mental state, but both Söderlund and Geppert state that the game conveys a powerful message in tandem with the storyline.

Despite the fact that the game has been a known product for some time, its stage presence during a conference like the Electronic Entertainment Expo is arguably the hottest spotlight that has set itself on Sea of Solitude yet. More information is sure to come as the game finally approaches its expected release date of early 2019.


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Sea of Solitude is slated for an early 2019 release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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