SDCC 2010: Disney Epic Mickey Trailer

Epic Mickey

If there is just one Wii game that I'm looking forward to this year (and, in fact, there are several), it would have to be Disney Epic Mickey.

A highly imaginative take on Mickey's 80 years of cartoon history, with 2D and 3D gameplay, and a combination of adventure, platform, and role playing mechanics, Epic Mickey hits on just about everything I love about  videogames.

This latest trailer, from last weekend's San Diego Comic Con, only makes my anticipation that much more acute. Featuring some of Epic Mickey's Travel Zones, which are 2D transitional levels that take place between the Venture Land hub world and the Quest Zones (which are the "proper" levels in the game), the trailer really shows off the incredible attention to detail that is quickly becoming the game's hallmark. Take a look at the Comic Con 2010 Disney Epic Mickey Gameplay trailer.


I'll admit to not being familiar with the cartoon Plutopia, but I've actually seen Oh What A Knight (which stars not Mickey Mouse, but Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who also appears in Disney Epic Mickey) relatively recently, and I'm amazed at how well the game re-creates the look of the cartoon. I felt the same when I saw the footage of the Steamboat Willie Travel Zone during Disney Epic Mickey's appearance at Nintendo's E3 press conference.

When the trailer finally moves into 3D, and Mickey faces the Mad Doctor, I was struck again by how good the game looks. No, it won't be giving Halo: Reach a run for its money, but it just might look as good as Super Mario Galaxy 2 - and, for the Wii, that is saying something.

Ranters, you know how I feel about Disney Epic Mickey. How about you - are you anticipating the Mouse's return to AAA gaming, or does it just seem like too much kid's stuff to you?

Disney Epic Mickey travels to the Nintendo Wii November 1, 2010.

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