Scribblenauts Developer Starts Countdown to New XBLA Game

5th Cell XBLA Game

Super Scribblenauts is still fresh on everyone's mind (and DS) but the developers at 5th Cell have been hard at work on a new game coming to the 360's Xbox Live Arcade.

We've known for awhile that 5th Cell was planning on moving development to home consoles, but what good would the big reveal be if it didn't have a countdown leading up to it? 5th Cell feels the same way apparently and they'll be pulling the curtain off of their latest masterpiece in seven days time.

The countdown to the next big XBLA game is slated to end on Thursday, October 28th at 10pm PDT, and will make a world exclusive debut on Spike TV. Spike TV is becoming pretty well-known for its world exclusives now, so it comes as no surprise that 5th Cell has made that the network of choice.

The game is said to be "a completely new experience for Xbox Live Arcade players." So basically what we're looking at is something never before seen on the Xbox Live Market place... that's a hell of a lot of hype. Fortunately, this is 5th Cell and they are the crazy mastermind types that gave us the Scribblenauts series; 5th Cell started a series with a concept that nobody thought was possible, but they came along and proved everybody wrong. So absolute faith should radiate from your unkept anticipation for this title.

According to Joystiq, the game is said to be built on the Source Engine which means that we're in for a decent looking game with some awesome physics. I guess the real question now becomes "What the hell is 5th Cell making?" It can't be another Scribblenauts, which probably wouldn't work effectively, but I guess they said that about the original game too.

Most likely we'll see a new IP for the company, an IP that will blow our minds and could even rival the gameplay and style of Super Meat Boy or Limbo, but I guess we'll just have to wait a week to see! Let's see if it can live up to the hype shall we?

What do you guys think 5th Cell's new game will be? Will you be tuning into Spike next week to get a glimpse of the new XBLA title?

Source: 5th Cell (via Joystiq)

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