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Oh Alan Wake, it seems like only yesterday that you leapt onto our Xbox 360 consoles and stole away our hearts as you frightened our souls with your chilling tale of monsters from the dark. Unfortunately, with your final piece of DLC, The Writer, you are saying goodbye to gamers for the time being. We do of course hope you get a sequel.

Remedy have just released a new batch of screens to get gamers pumped for the conclusion to the tale of the troubled writer Wake. While previous DLC, The Signal, was more of a stand-a-lone story, The Writer should bring a sense of completion to those who felt like something was missing after the game's arguably cliffhanger ending. Check out the trailer below:


Everything, from friend till the end Barry to the highlighting of words, is making a glorious return in this final chapter. Gamers can expect not only a resolution but for the game to push the envelope when it comes to level design. In a sequence seemingly very much inspired by the gravity bending of Inception, Wake can be seen struggling to gain footing as the building he is in spins on its axis. If just this single sequence were fleshed out into a downloadable experience I would already be sold.

With the original game, developer Remedy proved that sometimes a game can be particularly affecting without focusing on the thrills of wielding a powerful machine gun. Through the power of light, Wake is able to keep his rage-filled enemies at bay as they flank ever closer. If you still haven’t checked out Alan Wake, we strongly recommend you do. It might not be the traditional survival horror game you would expect, but the tone and emotions created by the game are second to none.  I very much look forward to whatever Remedy will bring to us next. Cue the screens.

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What do you think about the final DLC for Alan Wake, The Writer? Are you a fan of the third person suspense game, or did you never give it a chance?

Alan Wake’s final episode, The Writer, will be available October 12, 2010 for the Xbox 360 at a rate of 560 Microsoft Points.

Source: Eurogamer

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