Studio Ebb Software releases a disturbing teaser trailer for the new atmospheric horror game Scorn, which is set to launch at some point in 2017 for PC.

With the demise of Silent Hills last year, and the sudden cancellation of Allison Road just last month, horror gaming fans have had to deal with a lot of heartbreak lately. However, with every painful cancellation, it seems like another promising new game in the horror genre crops up, with Scorn from Ebb Software getting a new teaser trailer that confirms it’s still in development after a failed Kickstarter campaign.

Scorn is a first-person horror adventure game wherein players explore a semi-open world, comprised of interconnected, themed regions. Exploration will be a key part of the gameplay, and in classic survival-horror fashion, players will also be tasked with managing their inventory and ammo supply. The limited ammo supply will mean that players can’t always fight every threat head-on, and may sometimes have to hide from the grotesque creatures encountered throughout Scorn.

Combat is nowhere to be found in the teaser trailer, but we are shown what appears to be the player character reloading a pistol, and aiming it at an enemy. The player character aims the gun at the creature in the classic Doom-style aiming mode, but before pulling the trigger, the creature cries out in pain and dies.

Enemies, weapons, and the environment itself all share a similar aesthetic. Everything has a fleshy appearance to it, with the walls and floors “breathing” as players move through the game world. This living game world will possess a number of hazards that will pose a threat to players that aren’t quick on their toes, and its origin should be a focus of the game’s story.

Scorn‘s story will not be told using cut-scenes. On the contrary, developer Ebb Software will have everything play out in-game, taking an approach similar to the Half-Life series of games. This is to help the player better connect with the main character and become immersed in the game world, which will also be accomplished by Scorn having zero HUD elements cluttering the screen.

Ebb Software is also aiming for “full body awareness” in Scorn to further its immersion potential. With such an intense focus on immersing the player in Scorn‘s world and its first-person viewpoint, it seems like the game would be a perfect fit for virtual reality, but Ebb Software has made no mention of any VR plans for Scorn at this time.

Regardless of any VR aspirations, Scorn has potential, and looks like a fairly unique horror gaming experience. Those interested in the game after watching the teaser trailer are encouraged to vote for it on Steam Greenlight, and in the meantime, its full version is expected to release at some point in 2017.

Scorn will be available in 2017 for PC.

Source: Ebb Software

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