Pokken Tournament Sees Scizor Join The Roster


The Pokemon Company reveals Scizor as the next playable character joining the roster of the popular Pokemon fighting game Pokken Tournament – although it's an arcade exclusive.

Fighting game fans have been on a mild rollercoaster ride in 2016, with the likes of Street Fighter V arriving to so-so fanfare. The polarizing debut of the beloved franchise hasn't signalled a sloppy year for the genre, however, with Nintendo picking up the slack with support for its blockbuster Super Smash Bros. series and a new fight title based on Pokemon called Pokken Tournament – both on the struggling Wii U, no less.

Despite this, one of the biggest complaints that fans had about the aforementioned Pocket Monster brawler was the lack of playable characters occupying it. Fortunately, developer Bandai Namco has been fleshing out the sparse selection of combatants with some fan-favorite beasts. The last Pokemon to join the action was the mythical Darkrai, but it seems as if the studio isn't quite ready to call it quits.

The Pokemon Company took the liberty of confirming that the evolved form of Scyther, aptly referred to as Scizor, will be joining Pokken Tournament as a playable character. Showcasing the Steel/Bug-type's arsenal of moves, it's evident that Bandai Namco has done a stellar job transitioning the creature over to the fight title. Fortunately, those hoping to catch a glimpse of Scizor in action can do so below.


It's good to see that, much like other Pokemon already included in the game, Scizor is capable of achieving its Mega Evolution whilst in battle. The downside to this reveal, though, is the fact that Scizor won't be available to Wii U owners that have been hoping to deepen their selection of Pokken combatants. Instead, much like the previously mentioned Darkrai, this newest addition will only be arriving for the arcade version of the game in Japan. This is certainly not an ideal option for gamers that find themselves outside the land of the rising sun, and it's an odd decision to keep the content locked to arcades when Pokken Tournament had some initial sales success overseas.

With all of that noted, those that happen to reside in Japan can expect Scizor to arrive in arcades on October 20th. Perhaps fans outside of the region can look forward to going hands-on with the ever-growing Pokken Tournament roster at some point in the future. For now, however, wannabe Pokemon Masters will have to be content with the above gameplay footage.

Pokken Tournament is currently available for the Nintendo Wii U.

Source: Serebii

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